Here is a complete guide to portrait photography with over 100 posing ideas for couples, men, women, children, and groups.

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posing ideas from video school online

Our goal with this article and downloadable guide is to give you ideas for your very first portrait photography session or your next one.

Below you’ll find infographics with all of the posing ideas. You’ll also find individual illustrations and suggestions for each type of photo shoot. You can download the PDF with 100+ illustrations to see all of them, or click through the links below to see all 25 illustrations for each situation.

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Posing Ideas for Couples

This part of the guide covers basic posing ideas for photographing couples.

Photographing couples is a frequently required skill, perfect for weddings, engagement shoots, maternity photos, holiday photos, and many more occasions. No matter what the location or reason, here are some basic ideas for getting a variety of photos with simple poses.

couples posing ideas from video school online

Start with a Medium Shot

Have your couple face each other and get a medium shot with both of them looking at you (at the camera). Change up their positions like the above illustration shows, with one of them behind the other. Try different placements for their hands to see what looks most comfortable for them. Then have them look at each other for a shot. Have one of them look at you while the other looks at their partner. Then switch. Lastly, if they’re comfortable with it – have them go in for a kiss!

couples posing ideas from video school online

Go in for the Close Ups

While you’re photographing the above scenarios, it would probably be best to take a step closer (or zoom in) to get a tighter shot. This should be done while they’re in their variety of poses, instead of having them run through all of the poses again for the close up. The exception to this is if you’re using a specific lens you like for close ups and a different one for mediums.