Below, you’ll find 25 posing ideas for photographing children. Make sure you check out check out our complete guide to 100+ poses for couples, groups, women, men, and children for even more posing ideas!

First, here’s an infographic with all 25 poses. Below, you’ll find each individual pose so you can more clearly see it.

25 poses for kids

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25 Posing Ideas for Children

posing ideas for children

Here’s a classic pose for any kid sitting down at a table.

pose ideas for children

Turning their body to face the camera, this pose is a cute one.

posing ideas for children

Sitting on the floor like this pose is a great one.

posing ideas for children

While sitting on the floor, you can change the way the kid is sitting and where there hands are to get a new pose.

posing ideas for children

Who doesn’t like jumping up for a photo! With one person jumping, it’s easier to capture them in mid-leap.